All About Craven 9/12/19

All About Craven 9/12/19


Craven Community College
1.Megan & Kathy Morrison, New Bern Historical Society. Discuss the Gingerbread classes, contest and upcoming NBHS activities.

2. Megan, Von Lewis (Performer & Producer) & Bill Stafford (Stafford Entertainment and Talent)
Discuss the upcoming Stars and Stripes Showspecial interest, other performers, concert benefactors, Post 539, where to get tickets…etc. (SEE ATTACHED FLYERS) Plug the LewisnClark Nov 15 Timeless Broadway Showtunes

3. Jennifer Baer, Lifetime Learning Center. Bob, start the segment with the movie trailer. Discuss LLC upcoming events, movies, concerts etc…

4. Jennifer stays with me and finish conversation about LLC & AEP crossover

5.Jennifer will stay with Megan as we wrap-up and let me share the upcoming AEP classes and community events.

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