Correspondances mystérieuses | English Trailer

Correspondances mystérieuses | English Trailer

In the concert-lecture “Correspondances mystérieuses”, pianist Lucas Blondeel and visual artist Toon Leën offer a captivating meditation on the interaction between music and image in the work of Claude Debussy.

A selection of Debussy’s work for piano is set in dialogue with more than a thousand images from different art collections and photographic archives. In six short lectures, interspersed throughout the concert, Leën presents an intriguing investigation into the visual universe that inspired Debussy, while Blondeel provides pithy insights on the composer’s musical innovations.

Blondeel and Leën take us on an audiovisual journey full of unexpected associations, and invite us to discover the “mysterious correspondences between Nature and the Imagination” that so inspired Debussy.

Duration: ca. 110 minutes in two parts
Language: originally in Dutch. An English version is being prepared

A Dutch version of the trailer can be found here:

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