Funk is energy. Funk is rhythm. Funk is the groove that willl never let you go. Funk Therapy Collective is a band that knows how to shift the atmosphere around them and fill the room with joy – for more than 10 years it has been their key to many unforgettable performances for everyone in the audience. Their energy and movement, their technical abilities, their feeling of each other’s spirit has made them one of the leading funk bands in the Baltic region. Their style is rooted in the best traditions of funk music, combining it with gospel, soul, hip-hop and even the newest electronic music trends. It’s the mix between each of their strengths and the moment of creation that makes every concert a new experience – filled with high emotions, positive vibes and complete freedom.

The creator and leader of Funk Therapy Collective is Deniss Pashkevich – a one of a kind inventor, teacher, musician and composer who embodies all of the parts of the band. He never ceases to have energy, never gives up on creativity and can always find a connection with every listener. Deniss is one of today’s most accomplished jazz musicians from the Baltic states, who has played together with world class players and visited festival all over the world. His music and personality has been influenced by the Eddie Harris Free Funk movement, James Brown, Miles Davis and the experience of playing together with the funk master Gil Scott Heron – these marks are easily seen in Funk Therapy Collective’s inner atmosphere and their performances. Deniss’ curiosity for new sounds and rhythms has also lead him out of the jazz world to prosper in avant-garde, modular synthesisers and electronic music which has in turn entered the sound of Funk Therapy Collective and made it fresh.

/ 5.

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