Electric Light Orchestra - Strange Magic (1976)

Electric Light Orchestra – Strange Magic (1976)

Originally published on YouTube on March 30, 2017.

I truly love this song and the time it was popular in the US: February-May 1976. I went out and bought Face The Music (1975) at the same time this song was first getting Top 40 air play in February. “Evil Woman” was already a big hit (and still a big hit with me), but this track had that special “magic” the previous hit did not quite possess. I wish I could have included the orchestral introduction as well, but I took this from ELO’s greatest hits CD. My Face The Music album is just that, vinyl … and I have yet to update it with a digital version.

To many US viewers this will appear to be my first ELO video. In actuality “I Can’t Get It Out Of My Head” is my first and was done back in 2014 at the same time I did “Sara” by Fleetwood Mac, but has been blocked in the United States all this time due to some live ELO concert footage. Sadly, it will probably never be seen in the US. That is probably my favorite ELO song of all time, but “Strange Magic” comes in a close second or third (I also love “Sweet Talking Woman”).

Face The Music was released in the United States in September 1975 … two months before the UK, which I find odd. The single was released to radio stations in February 1976, but not in the UK until June. I find this strange because ELO is a British band, one would think things would have been the other way around. I can find no reason for this either online. It reached #14 on both Billboard and Cash Box on May 8, 1976, but charted only at #38 in the UK and #42 in Canada.

ELO makes a very brief appearance on this video, as do two other 1976 recording stars you may well recognize. Dreamy, mystical, and indeed magical, “Strange Magic” reaches out to the fringes of human consciousness and human experience, light and dark, indeed to the very genetic memory of humanity itself.

/ 5.

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