Elvis Presley - (You're the) Devil In Disguise (1963)

Elvis Presley – (You’re the) Devil In Disguise (1963)


Originally published at YouTube on February 12, 2014.

Elvis Presley racked up a huge collection of #1 hit singles between 1956 and 1963. No song failed to make the Top Ten during this period and any song that made the Top Ten but fell short of #1 in the US … and there weren’t very many … went to #1 in the UK. This song, “(You’re the) Devil In Disguise,” was Presley’s last high-charting single in the US and UK (#3 US and #1 UK in August 1963) until 1969, with the exception of “Crying In The Chapel” which made it to #1 in 1965.

Despite Beatlemania and the British Invasion, Elvis remained a towering icon as he continued starring in smash box office hits while maintaining a visible presence on the Top 10 or at least the Top 20 throughout the 1960s (“Kissin’ Cousins” at #10, “Viva Las Vegas” at #16, “Ain’t That Loving Me” at #13, etc.) until the “comeback concert” of 1968 propelled him to #1 once again with “Suspicious Minds” in 1969.

This video of “(You’re the) Devil In Disguise” is a tribute to both his film and music careers as they were at the height of the hit single’s popularity, featuring photos and film clips of the pop singing legend performing in televised concerts as well as in his movies along with his most famous leading ladies.

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