Grant Kaufman | Cinematography Reel | 2019

Grant Kaufman | Cinematography Reel | 2019


Another year over. Wow – what an amazing year! I had the opportunity to work with more directors than I had ever before, and more types of projects than ever before. Everything from Film Noir to dance films to concerts & music videos.

I would also love to give a shoutout to F4D Studio for letting me intern over the summer. I had the chance to work on professional commercial and documentary sets, and had the opportunity to contribute to the Westword Music Showcase 2019 Re-cap video as a cinematographer.

Now the directors – none of this would have been possible without the collaboration with these extremely talented people. Thank you all so much for having me help bring your visions to life this year!
Directing Collaborators:
| Colton Maguran |
| Jack Cosgriff |
| Travis Conklin |
| Yubin Namgung |
| Leila Parker |
| Tanner McGarr |

My Website:

Instagram: @grant.kaufman

Films Featured:
“Gravity” – Lola Rising (music video)
dir. Yubin Namgung & Leila Parker

“Catalina” – Keep Off the Grass (music video)
dir. Grant Kaufman

“VOGUE” (dance video)
dir. Grant Kaufman , assistant dir. Zohar Hieman

“Eyes of the Beholder” (film noir)
dir. Jack Cosgriff

“They Approach” (horror)
dir. Tanner McGarr

“Westword Music Showcase 2019 Recap” (live event, concert video)
dir. Travis Conklin

“REM(orse)” (drama, thriller)
dir. Colton Maguran

“Edge of Seventeen” (Scene Re-Recreation)
dir. Sarah Blake

“Detour” (documentary)
dir. Grant Kaufman

“Her Spirit” (action, drama, period film)
dir. Yubin Namgung

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