Miami Marine Stadium

Miami Marine Stadium

I’ve had the benefit of witnessing this stadium in its heyday. Although I was young I’ll never forget the concert my family and I attended at night and the band playing on a floating stage. Boats anchored every few feet in the bay and enjoying the show. After graduating college I became fascinated with the structure and found myself there weekly documenting the new art displayed by local artists. After the city reclaimed it in 2012 I was sure I would never be able to visit the property again since security and police would be there 24/7 as it went under renovation. Its 2019 and not a thing has been fixed. Literally trapped behind a fence and guarded for liability purposes and used as a backdrop and parking overflow during the Miami Boat show and any other big events in Key Biscayne. When I got a message from a fellow pilot asking if I’d be interested to fly my drone on the property, legally and with police escort I couldn’t say no. Aside from a few new pieces, I was pleased to find that basically the Stadium was left in place as it was in 2012. Unfortunately our time was limited, but I tried to enjoy the few packs I was able to fly and really cover the territory. It was still a blessing to have the opportunity. Here’s a little history below. Thanks for watching!

During its heyday, powerboat races, Easter sunrise services, and concerts under the stars all drew thousands to Miami Marine Stadium. Hundreds of boats would surround the floating stage to enjoy the festivities. The experience was authentic Miami—there was nothing else like it, anywhere. The 6,566-seat stadium was designed by 27-year-old, Cuban-born architect Hilario Candela. When it was poured in 1963, its 326-foot, fold-plate roof was the longest span of cantilevered concrete on earth. It is a masterwork of civic architecture and modern construction. The stadium has been shut off from the Miami entertainment scene for more than 20 years after Hurricane Andrew damaged the structure and the city deemed it an unsafe structure. Its abandonment has led to significant deterioration, environmental damage, and extensive graffiti.

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