Mr and Mrs Brilliant. What is a SoundWave™️

Mr and Mrs Brilliant. What is a SoundWave™️

A short film on what a SoundWave™️ is, what it can do and what to expect from a session.
Mr & Mrs Brilliant perform SoundMedicine; that is, using sound and tones to create deep relaxation, where by participants can undo negative emotions/memories and therefore release anything that maybe holding them back or causing them to repeat negative behaviour patterns.

Mr & Mrs Brilliant are:
Laura Mitchell, an award winning Soprano and as such enjoyed an 18 year international career as an opera, concert and recital singer. She trained at the Royal College of Music, The Benjamin Britten International Opera School and The National Opera Studio. Alongside this she trained as a level 1 Clear Mind Institute mindfulness teacher, British Wheel of Yoga Hatha yoga teacher, an Integrated Yoga Therapist, and Esalen Practitioner. She is a member of the Sound Healers Association and a sound healing practitioner from The Colour of Sound Institute.
Laura is very experienced in using Sound and Meditation for deep healing, transformation and transcendence. She is dedicated to the transformation, health and wellbeing of humanity and the universe through the use of mantra and sound.

Gareth is a Harper, Jazz Pianist, Bowen and Flower Essence therapist. He has trained at Leeds College of Music and studied Orff-Schulwerk (specialist music teacher training) at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland & San Fransisco School, setting up his own music tuition agency and music school. He is an Ultra Distance Runner and Swimmer and has an established clinic and field clinic for ultra distance sporting events.
Gareth started off his musical training as a Classical & Jazz Pianist and in his mid 30’s discovered the Harp. His interest with the Harp spans two worlds, the folk tradition and spiritual practice. He has dedicated years to travelling across Britain, learning from the masters of the tradition, enjoying playing in the darkest corners of the most isolated public houses and under the Sun & Moon for meditation, Spiritual and Shamanic practice.

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