PRISM: A Senior Dance Concert

PRISM: A Senior Dance Concert

Welcome to the 2019/2020 Senior BFA dance majors senior capstone project. As seniors at Shenandoah Conservatory, we are tasked with producing our very own dance concert entirely from scratch. These components include, choreography, costumes, design production (lighting, music), advertisement, ticketing, merchandise, photography, fundraisers, and many more. Most of these things require us to raise enough money to support our vision. This concert is the culmination of our knowledge, growth, and artistic expression that we have gained through our time here at Shenandoah. Please consider donating to help us create the best product possible for not only the senior class, but the entire dance ensemble participating in this process. Thank you for your time and consideration and we greatly appreciate any and all support.

-The Senior Dance Majors Class of 19/20:
Natalie D’Angelo, Adrienne Elion, Lexi Moore, Brittney Prestridge, Aaron Tonaki

Images: esp by Mike

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