Sol, norse Goddess of the Sun... A film of Terra Merhyem... Music : Magma "Ehn Deiss"

Sol, norse Goddess of the Sun… A film of Terra Merhyem… Music : Magma “Ehn Deiss”

Film taken during the preparation of my art opening/concert “SOL, Norse Goddess of the Sun”, September 3rd 2019… My birthday, also… In second Life

In norse-germanic mythology, the Deity of the Sun is female : Sol (her brother, Mani, is the God of the Moon).

*** I am passionate about mythologies…. I recently dreamt of Sol as a beautiful woman with her arms and legs open and shining in all directions…

*** I dedicate this film to Sol and it is under her aegis that I wished to place my opening, my concert, my birthday. What is an anniversary on celestial level ?: it is the annual return of the Sun to the point where it was at the moment of the birth – so I hope that Sol will be favourable to me and to all those who came and shared my September 3rd with me… ♥ :* � ♥

A film of Terra Merhyem… Dancer : TerraMerhyem
Music : Magma “Ehn Deiss” (I dont own the rights on the music)

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