Trailer First Performance

Trailer First Performance

The event with our studio aims to break the boundaries of a classical corporate event, theatre, concert, design or exhibition. The public should submerge and sublimate in the event, propelled by the actors, the costume, the music, the dancers.

This work is only possible through interactive oil paintings that are central to the exhibition. Developed by Jonathan in collaboration with engineers, software developers, dancers, musicians, visual directors and designers, these immersive artworks are equipped with microphones and infrared cameras. The artwork works with machine learning and artificial intelligence. It is able to recognise people according to their voice and movement so that the viewer can engage a conversation with the paintings.

Jonathan Apelbaum //Painter and Founder

Leander Rau //Visual Director
Peter Gordo //Software engineer
Hanno Heil //Construction
Leon Wenzel //Designer
Hazem Bahloul //Light engineer
Tamara Ghantous //Communication and Funding

1781 collective //Orchester

Julie Savery //Dancer and choreographer
Matilde Flor //Dancer and choreographer
Denis Thuillé //Dancer and choreographer
Eva Weibel //Dancer and choreographer
Melanie Reichert //Actress

Special Thanks to
Karolina El Lobo //Support
Jonathan Huber //Sounddesign

Email// [email protected]

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